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As I’ve been drawing since my childhood, I’ve always created my own universe on paper, first in my school book’s margins and later in beautiful sketchbooks. This passion has followed many paths over the years to finally settle and focus on surrounding nature and its inhabitants.

My illustrations mainly show my own personal celebration of whom we call « The Little People » as well as fauna, flora and this magic atmosphere surrounding them. Fantasy and invisible things particularly fascinate me: I love to imagine spirits, fairies, elves and other pixies watching over our world, as they always do since the beginning of time.

Each creation of mine is an ode to nature, changing seasons, and celestial bodies to which I add this part of magic our elders believed in and that we are somehow losing today. I am also much into fantastic tales, Celtic mythology and medieval legends and these themes often inspire me in my work. Traditional and digital techniques mingle in my illustrations with a constant search of a natural and traditional finish. For a few years I’ve also been sharing my universe through many markets and craft fairs: you can find my illustrations on accessories, paper goods or jewelry…

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